About Laurel Kallenbach

I specialize in writing about travel and all its wonders, including sustainable tourism, regional foods, sacred sites, local arts, cultural observations, wellness retreats and spas, and outdoor adventures.

Please visit my website to read more of my writing and view some of my favorite travel photos: www.LaurelKallenbach.com


  • My ideal day would involve spending at least half the day reading and writing.
  • I’m currently inching my way through my first novel.
  • Since I was 13, I’ve played the bassoon in orchestras, both professionally and as a volunteer. I love the focus and thrill of coming together with talented musicians to create a symphony.
  • I enjoy doing yoga, dancing in NIA class and hiking along the many trails near my Boulder, Colo., home.
  • My favorite travel destinations are places with a sense of history and cultures with a slower sense of time. I’m fascinated by ancient civilizations, prehistoric megaliths and historical locations.

    Here I am at a megalithic sacred stone construction called a "dolmen" in Pembrokeshire Wales.

    Laurel at a megalithic sacred stone construction called a "dolmen" in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

One thought on “About Laurel Kallenbach

  1. Hi Laurel, I’m so glad I found you here! Thanks to the statue of soon to be saint in Santa Fe, where I live! Have you been to New Mexico? I’d love to show you around!
    Since you are particularly interested in sustainable travel I would like to show you my latest tour (http://www.sevendirections.net/art-sus.html ). I want to develop similar tours not sustainable per se but engaging travelers in learning about it.
    Hope to hear from you!

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