Sea kayaks on Grace Bay beach, Turks and Caicos ©Laurel Kallenbach

When temperatures hover below freezing and the winter color palette consists of dirty-snow white and dormant-grass brown, I either book a trip to the tropics or gaze longingly at photos of an island. Just seeing the aquamarine Caribbean water meet the sunny blue of  the sky makes me sing with happiness. Here, neon sea kayaks on Grace Bay beach, Turks and Caicos, are calling me to paddle out to the horizon on a quest for a rainbow. Now these are the kind of blues I want all winter long!

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Laurel Kallenbach, freelance writer and editor




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  • Chelsea St. Pierre

    Just the Rx for my seasonal affective disorder!

  • Debra

    Is that one of your photos? Stunning!

    • Laurel

      Yep, the kayaks were there just waiting for me to take the picture!!

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