President Obama visited the University of Colorado campus in Boulder on April 24, 2012, to talk about reducing student loan rates.

Obama waves to a crowd of 10,000 people at the Coors Event Center on the CU campus. Photo © Ken Aikin

Ken Aikin, my husband, was one of the brass quintet members who performed before the president’s speech—and they got front-row seats during the speech. Afterwards, as the president made the rounds through the crowd, Ken got to shake Obama’s hand!

Ken (in the dark suit with the toothy grin) is just reaching his hand around to shake with the president. The woman in the yellow dress sang the national anthem at the beginning. Photo © Glenn Asakawa. You can see this photo and others from the event on the CU website:

Here are some other photos that Ken took on this exciting day.

Members of the Boulder Brass Quintet: Ken, Dawn, Bill, and Mike. Photo © Ken Aikin


Ken and the quintet were sitting just 20 feet from the podium where Obama spoke. He told the story of ordering pizza at The Sink restaurant on the Hill—and the very excited student who accidentally spilled yogurt on him. Photo © Ken Aikin


The Secret Service men in attendance were all business. Photo © Ken Aikin

After the speech, Obama shook a lot of hands—including Ken's. Photo © Ken Aikin


Students were very excited to shake the president's hand. Photo © Ken Aikin

Obama (in shirt sleeves) shakes more hands beneath the flag—and then left the Coors Events Center. Photo © Ken Aikin

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  • Kathleen Christensen

    My daughter and our neighbors and I were excited just to watch the president’s procession drive by our townhouse complex. Actually, I was surprised how excited I was. Ken’s experience must have been thrilling! Thanks for sharing the photos.

    • David Kallenbach

      Closeup of Mr. Obama is a great one! How thrilling! With his charisma and sincerity and the good qualities that ooze from this president and makes everyone feel so good, how is it possible that he hasn’t blown out the plastic challenger already? Is this really going to be a contest? Great day, indeed!

  • Melissa

    Laurel, there is also a great picture of Ken and Obama on the CU slideshow.

  • Lexy

    Wonderful shots, Laurel! What a thrilling day it must have been for both of you!

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